Page One

The blog is functional though I have yet to wrestle the template completely into the shape I want. The second half of that equation is mastering the loop to get s animippit of blog content on this page so it links elegantly to the blog with appropriate links back and forth. Such is progress ... exceeding slow.

Getting organized

This is my latest attempt to pull all the threads of my varied interests together in one location.

My small business, such as it is, is Small Planet Living. We have a small planet and I favor a small footprint. I also like very small houses … hence the websites

Antique Home Style
Mid Century Home Style
Bungalow Home Style
Small House Living

Once upon a time, when I wasn’t scrambling, I was a master gardener here in Oregon. That gave rise to Garden Arts, which has morphed over time into a joint enterprise with my partner to create hanging gardens, Forest’s Hanging Gardens, to be more precise.

Then there’s Small Planet Living, which is more of a front end to keep business related information together.